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Unemployment Feb 2011 Update

Updated 02.05.11, The Decline:
The Geography of a Recession
by LaToya Egwuekwe (OFFICIAL)

The map takes you from 2007 to 2011 and you can visualize the geographic unemployment around the country. The 2012 map will be posted when it becomes available. Unfortunately, since so many have come off the official roles, the numbers will look much better, but the real number including those who have given up is very high. It remains a tragedy and easily resolved but the country has a gun and continually shoots itself in the foot.

Updated 02.05.10, The Decline:
The Geography of a Recession
by LaToya Egwuekwe (OFFICIAL)

Take a look at this map. It shows how the unemployment rate has changed over the past several months. When you get to the map, click the arrow in the middle and watch how things changed. Incredible what “The Great Recession” has done. The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is never more true than looking at this map.
Viewing it only takes a few seconds.
The darker the color, the higher the unemployment. 2009 has been BRUTAL.
This is a startling map. Hard to believe!

Here is an updated map, startling!

No need to update here in mid 2011 – nothing has changed on this graphic, except worse since real number increases since people come off the record with time, and many give-up!

All this is of course very complicated and with the passing of the health care bill we are fortunate the Obama trillion dollar spend plan for the environment was knocked down. That would have been a trillion dollars lost for absolutely no benefit – as we are all learning what the majority of the American people either knew or suspected was a giant waste. The global climate situation is larger than mere mortals can solve – there are some things worth trying but they are inexpensive and worth investigation.
The budget of 3 trillion dollar plus is alone disastrous. The answer is simple – Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Well, we had a job program – very big dollars and someone should understand you cannot throw money at this problem ……………….. you need root cause! Private sector jobs are essential for valued growth but for this there has been little money but lots of talk. The banks are told to make loans, SBA will back but the regulators say be careful and the banks make very few loans. We have a serious problem with a Democratic President and Congress that wants to spend, spend, spend, tax, tax, tax which we know does not work. The hole is getting deep and we may be headed for a catastrophe. The unemployment could soar as the government will have much less coming in and serious inflation will occur. Things are getting so bad that high inflation may be a relief valve in some cases.

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