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Truth About Life

There is no secret. It is the most knowable thing in life but unfortunately for all kinds of reasons it remains unknown to most people. It is the fault of every person if they do not know. There is no one to blame because at some point you made some decisions and you are now “fixed” in what you believe. Yes, a lot of people may have influenced you and there may have been some other things that happened to you, maybe awful things. Nonetheless, you decided and that is where you are today. Do you have the truth? You may believe it does not matter and that is your truth. Actually, “believing it does not matter” is one of the world’s most popular religions. How do we know God exists? The video below provides good reason for you to understand independently of anyone else what you believe in relation to God.

Now, I said this blog was to help you in various aspects of your life and future posts under the category of “Truth About Life” and occasionally under the category of “Simplifying Everything” will provide you things to consider.

If for any reason you are anxious about this subject, the following sites can help, just click on them:

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