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This page is dedicated to new technology especially in the area of energy efficiency.

Levitating Car

This is quite amazing, but like so many things is it feasible. Cost, technology, infrastructure – Don’t know, but it is great engineering.

Clear Edge Power – Fuel Cell Technology
Natural Gas Conversion System

Portable “Gadget” Fuel Cell Technology

High Tech Factory

This is quite an expensive factory for the production of Volkswagen’s. The car is low volume by auto industry standards and the factory may not make sense if scaled to high volumes. However, there are many unique ideas that would be applicable to the modern production of transportation vehicles. It is very impressive and a credit to engineering/manufacturing partnerships. The site is the city of Dresden, an old West German city severely damaged during World War II.

Achates Power

Technology At Jacobs Brake

Technology Collaboration Jacobs / Detroit Diesel / and Daimler

Cat DPF Regeneration Technology

Cat Common Rail – Fabulous Video

Cat Tier 4 Engines (Interim Stage 3B)

Volvo EGR Tier 4 (Interim stage 3B)

Cat Marine
Flexible Camshaft Technology

Cat Marine Power
MaK M 32 C Diesel Engine
Piston Dis-assembly

Rolls Royce Bergen medium-speed diesel engines

GM Direct Injection Technology

Many people missed the introduction of the direct injection of fuel into modern gasoline engines. Gone are the days of the carburetor and this is the beginning of more and more efficient gasoline engines. They will be more fuel competitive with diesels and one of the reasons is they are beginning to look more and more like diesels.

HCCI for Gasoline Engines

More efficiency improvements for gasoline engines will result from HCCI combustion. (HCCI) Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition will likely be available in the near future. After many years of development mostly in the diesel engine business but also a great deal of gasoline engine development this improvement is eminent. HCCI is all about the mixture of fuel and air in such a way to burn all the fuel, getting all that fuel in energy – that is great fuel economy!

Finally, the Engine of the Future

HVAC Basics – Slideshow

HVAC Basics PPT – HVAC 101

HVAC Controls

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