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Tire Aging and Your Safety ……….. Understand this, use the info and check your tires

The link below (Tire Safety) is something few people realize. Tires have a manufacturers date code and age is important as tires can fail from age with very low miles. I knew this as an engineer working in the business but I find few of my friends understood this was possible. This video is excellent and true. There is quite a bit of variability in rubber compounding and of course in usage with high speed driving being the most serious circumstance. Avoid the risk when buying tires by checking the date of manufacture and check the date on your current tires and not just the condition of the tread. The video gives some recommendations for age of the tire but realize even a newly purchased tire with low wear may have to be replaced for your safety. I think the thing that surprised me the most was how old some of the unsold tires were in tire stores.

Tire Safety Video

Shoveling Snow Video (Below)

Just a reminder of the health concern over shoveling snow …….. BACKS, HEART ATTACKS, etc.
This is more of a reminder than a great video but I know of some rather young persons who have suffered serious back pain, injuries and too many folks over 40 who have had heart attacks. Over exertion in even younger folks has resulted in deaths. So if you shovel snow – don’t over do it and use the shoveling tips. If you are in a non-snow area just watch and enjoy the fact you have no snow to shovel – do you miss the snow?

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