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George Bush and The IRAQ War

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George Bush and The Iraq War

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The war in Iraq could have been avoided. Iraq did not have WMD (weapons of mass destruction) but they did have the desire to possess them and undoubtedly were doing some work. As a sovereign nation they have that right albeit unwise and with Saddam Huessin as the leader certainly there was a lot of risk. Iraq in the long run will benefit from America’s involvement. Individual American soldiers and Iraqi soldiers and civilians who were killed or badly injured represent a cost that was too high. This indicates other means were needed, maybe a quasi military solution. Wars like this are seldom won, i.e. Vietnam and Afghanistan.
George W. Bush and the Federal government could have done much better in terms of analysis and strategic solution. It was not criminal but shows weakness, and really no creativity. Executive power needs to be swift in situations requiring speed and agility otherwise there needs to be a thorough analysis and consented plan. Iraq was not a situation requiring immediate action – the correct “team” could have been assembled and that team would have represented a broad range of interests. They would make a decision because despite their differences they all want the truth, love justice and understand that the “inability to decide” is not an option. This is not a formula just a realization that decisions coming from government need to be exceedingly much better and not political (that is, selfishly motivated).
Note: The United States citizens, as well as government was in a vengeful mood following 9/11 and many decisions were emotionally based. That makes it even more critical to have great leadership.

EVERYTHING SIMPLIFIED: Factual evidence for WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) is required before going to war with Iraq and/or after 9/11 evidence must demonstrate the IRAQ support for Al-Qaeda and gain support of American people and Congress – That is simple! What was missing, what should have been on the table as part of the decision to enter into such a war?

    > Solid definition for ending the war
    > Seeing beyond the defeat of the Iraqi army to the political / religious situation that would follow
    > Appropriate analysis of vulnerability of Iraq nation following defeat of Iraq army
    > Appropriate support from allies
    > and a hundred more

Final comment: This was not George Bush’s war alone – there was failure by intelligence agencies and by Congress. However, the single person that could have sent the country in a different direction was George W. Bush.
Yet there is one more consideration to be completely fair and that is the realization that Saddam acted in a way to bring suspicion on himself – that is by denying or acting guilty when it came to the United Nations inspections. He had used Chemical warfare and was capable of being a dangerous threat to the world as an eventual person with nuclear weapons. The things that have happened with Iran and WMD would have resulted in even more sincere efforts by Iraq to obtain such weapons for themselves. The United Nations inspections slowed and may have halted the Iraq programs but this was undoubtedly temporary. One of the world’s most severe tyrants has been deposed and Iraq is much better off. Unfortunately, the warring religious groups in Iraq keep the nation in peril. The threat of al-Qaida has been diminished during the war and there was fair evidence, reasoning for the war at that moment when we went to war. History will gather all the facts and George W. Bush may come out being a president who via this war changed the world for the better. Like all things the positives and negatives need to be weighed and the loss of American and Iraqi life and the impact on a delicate economy all weigh against the war.

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