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Future Car

About The “Air Car” – (3) VIDEO’s


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As some of you may know I have been designing engines and vehicles my entire career and that is over 35 years in the business. I developed and taught courses on future power plants – about 1000 pages in the last course and described those technologies in detail. I have great hope for even better diesel engines, very quiet, very powerful and eventually removing much of the cost as well as the use of diesel hybrids. The future for me has always included fuel cells – hydrogen and this will be inevitable. The associated use of ultra capacitors will play a part in future power-plants like for instance Honda demonstrated in their fuel cell car or more than likely in other ways. Well to get to the point, I now believe the compressed air car also has a place. I have found significant problems with hundreds of new technologies and gadgets to improve current power-plants but the air car like fuel cells and “certain” hybrids has real potential. It will begin as a vehicle for local transportation but there may also be hybrids that make sense for low weight and efficiency as well as of course “green-ness.”

The following video’s discuss the air car and its technology. This technology is a step in the right direction to provide modern, low cost, emission free transportation. There will still be a carbon footprint in the production of the compressed air ………… but as is suggested an on-board self generating compressor may be possible. Yes, there is a lot to be done with this technology but it is currently being sold in a few markets. Larger markets will require more sophistication in order to meet various standards such as safety and various conveniences such as power devices, GPS, interactive communication and sound systems that the mass markets require. Some of these things may result in various hybrids of the air car. If we were reasonable and cars were just for transportation we would buy an air car that provided safety features and the rest would not be needed. Safety alone could be challenge because this vehicle, which currently is capable of 60 mph, will travel on roads with much heavier and more powerful cars and thus be vulnerable to very serious crash consequences.

Nonetheless, it is easy to see the high potential of the air car first in limited markets but long term in a more universal usage.

This first video is really the core video as introduces the inventor and gives a short history of the invention.

This second video is an independent review done in a French showroom for prototype versions of the air car.

The final video is another review of the air car and provides a brief explanation of the operation and capabilities while answering some of the likely questions.

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