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Barak Obama’s First Year – A Disappointment and for many a Betrayal


America’s direction after Barak Obama’s election.

The election of the first black president was certainly a good thing.
The media unfortunately did not do their normal dissection of Presidential candidates. Mr. Obama got a free pass because of a one-sided media and now America is paying the price.
The problems with Mr. Obama’s experience in terms of leadership, in terms of motive, in terms of influence were never questioned to the extent they should have been. Many people wanted what President Obama promised but the majority of Americans were unaware of his agenda.

Socialist’s Agenda, Really Just Executive Power – Trust Only In The Executive BranchHis critics call it a Socialist’s agenda and it certainly is moving in that direction. I do not know if that will be the end point but I do see the paths we are taking making socialism a possibility. There is also a “scent of dictatorship” when you mix in the discussion of extending the term of a President and limiting the freedom of opposing political voices. When we see things occurring which pull America away from “government by the people” we should be concerned. The thing that is occurring is the growth of the Federal government.
One thing that actually allows America to continue as a “government by the people” is a Federal government that does not rule over the state governments but shares power with them. As much as possible the more local that power the better because that reduces the cost, narrow perspectives and inefficiency of the bureaucracy. Another thing strengthening the country is a government interested in supporting the private enterprise system, private sector jobs and not killing jobs with taxes to support the proliferation of an enormous Federal Bureaucracy. As a person President Obama deceived the American people by not revealing his true agenda. If that is not true, do you believe what people see of President Obama would allow him to win election if it were held today? Deceit is a strong word but morally I would expect a President to be OUTRAGED when a bill like the health care bill is brought for a vote before it can be properly studied and even allowing last minute changes. IT IS POLITICS AS USUAL – MAYBE WORSE – CHANGE, YES, CHANGE FOR THE WORSE and so many young people looking for leadership must be confused.
Candidate Obama talked reform for health care but not a take-over by the Federal government. If candidate Obama said he planned to have the Federal government run America’s health care system would you have voted for him? If he said seniors would receive reduced benefits as part of paying for the a Federal Health Care system would you have voted for him? If he said it would cost Americans substantially more in taxes and their health care would be somewhat worse, would you have voted for him? Most Americans know if the government says something will cost 1.5 Trillion Dollars that it might end up costing 10 Trillion Dollars. One thing we know is that the government is not efficient, never has been and never will be unless they drastically change the paradigm of government. The actions of the present government will result in less private sector jobs, greater national debt and serious inflation. The simple truth is no matter who became president it was going to be tough. The current administration is just headed in the wrong direction.

Country Divided

Obama talked about bringing America together but it has never been more divided. It is clear he is not a leader in this regard simply because he does not understand win-win and many other principles. He believes he can force everything to happen when mature leaders lead by example, reason, common sense to mention a few. Great leaders bring people together even when the policies are difficult and they impact people negatively. This is very possible with great leadership but that has been missing for a long time largely because our presidents love their agenda’s more than the people who they are supposed to serve.
Obama talked about bringing American soldiers home but now sees that as difficult and is additionally indecisive. It is hard for me to have any problem with the President on the war issue since WARS are incredibly complex and always to some extent unpopular. At some point however, the country loses confidence in its leadership if everything is being mishandled.

Freedom Of Speech

The current administration would support laws that would destroy or severely damage the “oppositions right to free speech” by a fairness doctrine. OBAMA and his party would vigorously support free speech for pornographers. I cannot think of anything more destructive to America than to disallow political opposition – It is the most un-American of all actions. If such a bill is brought forth, it is the gravest threat to our liberty. Let Americans decide who stands for American principles. The President needs to always lead in such fundamental matters. America has poor leadership and much of the problem is a national media with an agenda.

EVERYTHING SIMPLIFIED: Prejudiced national media is at root of America’s problems not the political parties. This is because honest truthful investigative reporting provides American citizens with what they need to make good decisions. Somewhere much of the media “left reporting” to essentially become legislators by proxy but without accountability. They shame their profession to achieve their goals and end up being a destructive force to their own country. That Is Simple!

It is simple to distinguish deceit, for example if you are supporting what has been called Obama-Care you will argue for “what all the people want” namely health care that leaves no one out and as mentioned the evils of the current system such as no insurance for preexisting conditions i.e. Health Care Reform. That is not what is proposed but something approaching a hundred new health care Federal agencies selected primarily for their political value. The risk to our economy, to our standard of living are tremendous. It is deceitful! The sad part is that Democrats are placing America at grave risk in many, many ways like a gambler who places his entire fortune on the roll of dice. It is not necessary to take this risk, the problems can be largely resolved without the huge risk. I would be the first to say America should have addressed health care reform in the past and now we have a frustrated political group acting totally irresponsibly just as previous administrations acted irresponsibly in not addressing real issues in health care. Reporting is not reporting but now commentary, biased commentary, prejudiced commentary! Looking for some SANITY! Looking For Politicians Interested In More Than Looking Good! Looking For Thinking! Looking For Risk Analysis!


It is unfair to point to the disaster without providing some hope, some solution. This is not about President Obama but about the direction the current administration is headed. It does not matter to me and it should not matter to you WHO is President but issues should matter. If you blindly support a person then you will not get to the truth about issues. Although America is in a difficult position and on a steep slope towards the cliff there are things that will not “save us” but will slowly begin a turn-around. The first thing for President Obama and his administration to do is to look in the mirror and ask themselves what is best for America and if it does not align with their agenda, then “so be it.” Yes, we need change and the change needs to come from our leadership. When Candidate Obama talked about jobs in such a passionate manner, I was very excited but I have learned two things:
1) He does not know how America works in terms of the critical nature of private sector jobs and subsequently how to create those jobs as opposed to destroying them
2) AND that his idea of jobs was government jobs
One example: Realize “all Americans” want health care reform, things like, “no person left out of the system and no one refused for a preexisting condition.” Now can our politicians address the issues and do so for 1/1000 of the Federal takeover of health care? A leader can say he was wrong and begin leading and that is what we need. Stopping Iraq – it is too late for many Americans and Iraqi people who have died or been very seriously injured but those who stood in opposition to the war due to a lack of evidence (WMD) were correct. It is not too late for Obama to see how strongly Americans dislike his policies and change the course and unite the country. Pride is usually caught up in poor decisions of leadership especially in the most serious decisions. People fear looking bad but in reality doing the right thing always earns respect especially when it requires a personal admission of past poor judgment.

As part of simplifying everything a future post on politics provides the simple, unfortunate answer as to why people and the media align with certain political personalities, parties and are not unbiased stalwarts of integrity in reporting.

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2 Responses to “Barak Obama’s First Year – A Disappointment and for many a Betrayal”

  1. united says:

    Obama is probably the most centrist president we have had in the last 10 administrations. You need to look at what he is doing and not the way it is spun on TV. The crime here is that Americans have become so hypnotized by the box in our living rooms that we no longer think about the actions of our leaders. Obama is just as plugged into the Military Industrial Complex as Bush was. Obama is continuing almost all of the Bush era policies (except for Nukes and Gays in the Military). He is even expanding Afghanistan and now opening up more oil drilling of all things. Americans need to get informed rather than hypnotized.

  2. alanpg says:

    Thanks for the comment – the main media is supportive of OBAMA and with the exception of a few stations that are lesser in brand name it is difficult to get an unfavorable view of OBAMA. It turns out that the issue is not Obama but the policies that the news media want for America and they support the person most aligned with those policies. When Bush was president everything was wrong in the main-street media now many of the same things have occurred in the Obama administration and you cannot even find a mention in the main-street media. The media does hold the power and thus the real wars are waged between media like Fox with CBS, NBC and ABC and others. Reporting is no longer reporting but carefully managed to get a result, to build a campaign for whatever. Conspiracy? No, its just the way it is and the political parties and media play games because it is the only game there is. Actually it was not always that way there used to be reporting the facts but now it is very biased and in the end America suffers. People like Walter Cronkite saw the transition and did not like it. You play the game or you are out and occasionally you will see someone from the mainstream media leaving in disgust.
    Hope you keep digging – just be open-minded – just insist on the truth.

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