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Life is the most important thing to simplify and I am not referring to making your daily routine simple although that has value. This is about understanding life in a simple way. The most basic thing to understand is, WHY DO YOU EXIST, WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE? You are playing some sport but you do not know why, you never learn the point is to win the contest – sort of silly! But we live our life and do not know why – we just do stuff. We go to school, we get married, or we don’t go to school and we don’t get married. It is like running up and down the athletic field with no purpose? Obviously, if life had a purpose we might take certain actions, live a certain way. The Biggest Lie on the planet is that we have no purpose, or that no one really knows why we exist. In a sense, success in life is about overcoming that idea and believing in God and trusting Him. God perfectly created a test for humankind and you can have a million reasons for not believing in God and they support your non-belief. The only real question is how badly do you want the truth about life? You should not let yourself complete this life only to find out you wasted your life and failed in the only thing that ultimately mattered. Indeed it is a perfect test for separating those who will spend eternity with God from those who will not.

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