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Best Talent Auditions

I call this the “Best Talent Auditions,” but it is really just my favorites. I like the auditions because that is where there is the amazement. The judges and the audience are simply moved emotionally, there might be goose bumps and there can be tears. There will be smiles and a certain happiness for the contestant(s) and the audience (at the event or even watching on television or maybe on You Tube) and judges often feel fortunate to be present when the talent is discovered.
I do not place the talent in order of importance to me, but I do have a slight favorite in Charlotte and Johnathan. It is possible it is also your favorite. The song, images and story are stuck in my head. They have continued after the contest to grow and remain as innocent and gentle and free-thinking as their first appearance. The auditions and even the best of good successes that follow are fleeting, because life’s bright spots are all temporary. We generally all have some highlights and sometimes we can enjoy the highlights of others exciting moments as is the case with these auditions.

Alex Keirl

A surprise to the audience and no doubt the result of Alex’s hard work to learn how to sing. His mom had some great insight into Alex’s needs and at an early age purchased him a Karaoke machine. You can see the hours of practice required for him to reach this level of perfection. Like so many of the surprises, Alex just does not look the part of a great singer. In addition he had to overcome a “tie tongue” as he calls it.

Rachel Crow

This 13 year old stole the hearts of the audience and judges before she began to sing. Yes, she is a real performer at only 13. I love to watch the jaw-dropping judges and audience as the performance stuns them. You can tell it does not happen all that often and there is all this hope that someone like Rachel will come to the stage.

Melanie Amaro

One of the top five best auditions of all time – in my opinion. Melanie was however eliminated early in one of the worst decisions of all time. Simon Cowell was pressured, but also realized his mistake and went to her home in Florida to personally reinstate her. She would go on to win the X-Factor competition.

Melanie Brought Back

This is Simon’s trip to Florida to reinstate Melanie – nice very supportive family. Unlike, so many contestants Melanie seemed grounded and also unlike many successful contestants, she may be the one who may not let success ruin her or him.

Kevin Skinner

Kevin was a shock after hearing about his life as a chicken catcher, just unexpected. The world likes those who are sincere and innocent and are not putting on and act. Kevin Skinner came across as very genuine. Amazing, he won the contest.

Bianca Ryan

What a talent, what a powerful voice for a 11 year old – what confidence. The voice was maybe the best I have heard in any competition.

Kenichi Ebina

Kenichi and his Dance-ish performance was just unbelievable. This 38 year old is self-made and very creative and his smile and enthusiasm make you want him to succeed. He went on to win, quite amazing!

Jack Vidgen

Jack is an unlikely 14 year old to have such a powerful voice. He really amazed all the judges, especially one. He won the Australia X-Factor. He would be one of those who just might be overwhelmed by the fame even with his humble beginnings.

Charlotte and Johnathan

I think that this duo was the greatest surprise ever. Especially after the comments by Simon Cowell that he thought it could not get any worse as Charlotte and Johnathan took the stage. Their talent was ground-breaking in many ways and their subsequent life since X-Factor has been amazing even though they were defeated by a dog. Obviously, when the voting is done by general audiences there will be mistakes evaluating talent when apples to apples are not compared. They lost to dog lovers. The question for Johnathan(much more than Charlotte) is can he manage being in the spotlight after so many years of being treated poorly? It will be his peers, choice of friends going forward that could overcome him.

Charlotte and Johnathan – First Performance After Audition

My rule for this page was auditions only, however there was an important exoneration after the one judge attempted to break up the duo that occurred after their second appearance.

Ashleigh and Pudsey

Amazingly this duo defeated Charlotte and Johnathan and they are good, but not that good. It is always about perception, about emotion and we pick our favorites.

Landau Murphy Jr.

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. sings Frank Sinatra and that was not expected. The Sinatra like voice from Landau was a shock to the audience and that alone was enough to win him favor of the judges. He was above average, but not great, but admittedly could be with some help – nonetheless he won the contest. He has the opportunity to become arrogant, bitter and selfish despite his poverty background. Like so many people who self-destruct, he could easily take some very bad advice from greedy people wanting to (deep down) get all they can from Landau.

Carly Rose Sonenclar

Of all the young people that were great and about 13 years old, Carly was had to be number one or two of the ones selected. Like quite a few who pick songs that require a fabulous voice and the judges immediately question if the song is just too difficult – nonetheless, she delivered with the skill of the best at such a young age. Many very young persons quickly mature from cute and lovable to someone who now appears in-genuine with the appearance of a much older not so lovable singer. The package seen in the audition has quickly faded. Now, how does the same person handle the let-downs, which always come and remain grateful for their good fortune. The answer for such a young person is to listen to those who really love you, not those who recently, post-fame love you.

Tate Stevens

Tate is one of those people with a natural country male voice and from the fist line, the audience was singing along. Tate won the contest. There is a big difference in a person like Tate in their ability to handle the fame just due to their life experience, hard work and principled beliefs. This is not the case with fame from an early age.

Lucie Jones

Lucie presented herself a shy and frightened young girl and indeed had a wonderful voice. Again, she surprised the audience and judges. She did not win, but like so many she has a career in music. I hope she can maintain her humble appearance, I doubt it. Sometimes a person reveals the deeper side of themselves in just a few words. Like anyone, she needs to find a way to be grounded and constantly improving, but never at the expense of others and never thinking too highly of herself. This is difficult for anyone, but especially for younger people caught up in a whirlwind of unexpected success.

Susan Boyle

One of the first real shockers from Britain’s got talent. This 48 year old woman has an amazing voice and may always be the one who delivered the biggest surprise.

Stacy Solomon

Stacy, had a surprising voice and great appearance and instantly won the judges over after hitting a couple of great notes in a reasonably calm song. Stacy appears as such a nice shy girl, but it seemed to be quite staged or we might say she knew how to play to the judges. Acting might be a good course for her, maybe musicals. She will gain some fame from this appearance, but not likely a winner. Like so many of the contestant’s, who do exceptionally well in auditions, their life will be changed and it will take a strong moral character to avoid the problems. So many young people running into fame surround themselves with the wrong people and then wonder where it all went wrong.

Punjabi Dance

One of the things people like to see is something that somehow pulls in an audience and also makes the appreciate the talent and if you can get a laugh you have really a good combination. Punjabi pulled this off and the audience were all smiles as the act completed.

Diamond White

Diamond was almost too cute, she did a good act portraying her shyness, her vulnerability and her enthusiasm before and after the song. She almost appeared to immature to be on stage. It may have just been a 13 year old overwhelmed by the moment. Nonetheless, she remained in the moment when questioned about the song she would sing. She promised Simon she would be great and she was – great voice and stage control fitting her song choice. Diamond, really needs someone who she believes in and not a boyfriend and that person she needs to listen to and trust so she can get to 20+ and not be ruined with her fame.

Attraction – Shadows

This act was just plain different and showed great discipline by the team. You just had to be inspired by their “shadows.”

Christina Grimmie Audition
The voice – rather powerful voice!

Arisxandra, amazing 11 year old sings Jennifer Hudson.

Terry Fator

WOW, he won and then went on to sign a $100M contract in LasVegas

Terry Fator Again – He is just too good!

Terry Fator

Doing three different characters

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