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Art Versus People

Mona Lisa was one of thousands of pieces of art that went into hiding during World War II.


Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa -c. 1503–1506

You Are Important

I saw an interesting documentary on how the Nazi’s were possessed to obtain the world’s art and bring it to Germany or their private homes. Adolf Hitler along with Hermann Wilhelm Göring were the most crazed by this desire. Hitler was interested in building a great museum and associated complex to honor the 3rd Reich and memorialize himself as one of the great world leaders like a ceasar. Art was important to them even as they went about systematically murdering whomever they disliked. Beginning wars almost just to show their superiority. Insanity best describes the Nazi’s but they were not insane just extreme power-hungry, cruel, selfish, and vain egotists. Some of the worst examples of mankind. There was one part of the film that emphasized the efforts of the Allies to avoid bombing places of art, and buildings of historical value. There were certainly life’s lost at the cost of art as some important targets were avoided. You saw where very famous museums in France, Italy, Poland and Russia that might be plundered or bombed went to extreme measures moving their treasures to safe locations.
Art and preservation of art is a wonderful thing but sometimes we get the wrong idea. People are more important than art. As a culture we begin to make decisions that favor art or preferences, choices. The people who understand they are eternal and art, pleasure, money and all physical things are temporary clearly understand people are infinitely more important than “art.”
To this day it is almost inconceivable that men could have been so cruel to each other and then love and appreciate art or maybe they just loved the prestige which it brought to them or to their country. Many people are killed each year just to possess the things others possess. So to this day human life takes a back seat to possessions i.e. physical things whether it be money, art or even another person. Every human life is more valuable than the Mona Lisa although pathetic people like Hitler and Göring make me wonder!
You are not only more important than the Mona Lisa but more important than the universe. YOU are the reason behind God’s purpose.

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  1. I agree with you. This type of projects should be encouraged and I think that these type of projects are the projects for the future. . . . .

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    Man, speak about a great post! I?ve stumbled across your weblog a few occasions inside the past, but I generally forgot to bookmark it. But not once more! Thanks for posting the way in which you do, I genuinely appreciate seeing somebody who truly includes a viewpoint and isn?t actually just bringing back again up crap like nearly all other writers right now. Maintain it up!

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