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Aging and Your Brain

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Here is the Myth! Your starting to “lose it” some time after 60 years old.
Well that might be true but the opposite might be true also and you should be smarter and wiser.
Most of studies of aging and the brain relate to memory loss and usually short term memory loss is the problem with older folks. There are variations in the conclusions of researchers in this area but the trend is as mentioned and generally is expected to have some meaningful, noticable impact by 75 years of age. It does not have to happen and I know many older people who reached this age and were without apparent short term memory loss. The one very general observation of aging and short term memory follows the old addage of use it or lose it. It is more than use, it needs to be a challengeing use of your faculties. Physical activity although not necessary can enhance your brainpower and multiply your ability to keep sharp throughout your life. Preferably not routine non-thinking excercise but excercise that also stimulates you to think. There are many examples but playing golf and learning how to hook or slice the ball ties together the physical an mental.

As we discuss other areas of the brain and aging my observation that people can be much wiser with age is definitely true. It is the life experience and really to be effective the person necessarily needs to remain current with “everything” especially in their field of expertise whether cooking or electronics. Common sense is greatest in older people who have had that characteristic throughout their life, it just gets better.

Another important aspect that can enhance your brain is to do something totally new, very different and even what you might percieve as complicated. For some people it might be building a webpage – just that process can be very stimulating especially if you have not been a “computer” person.

You need to start on the path way back there at 55/60 in order to be as sharp as you can be in later life. Retirement is not bad but immediately take on something new and just as challenging as your job, really more challenging.

Don’t fool yourself, do not buy into things like, “I can’t remember names anymore” as a sign you are just becoming terribly forgetful. Names are frequently forgotten when you were much younger and you never questioned your memory loss then. I have not lost my ability with remembering names because I developed various tricks when I was young and use those some tricks today. I have over the years purposely questioned young persons of all ages regarding names of people whom they met casually maybe some years in the past and often get I cannot remember their name. It does not bother them but when you are older you are suddenly bothered.

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