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This site is ABOUT helping people to improve their life’s after 55 years of age. There are usually some significant changes after 60, 65, 70, and 75 years of age. It is best to start preparing at 55 or before just like you might plan your education earlier in life. There are good reasons to believe these later years may be your best or your worst depending on your preparation. Certainly many times we do not have much control due to things like illness or mobility but in any case there are usually more possibilities than we think as long as we are open to them. I hope the knowledge and recommendations herein can really help.


I am an engineer and have worked over 35 years in that profession. In “retirement” I am teaching, doing instruction in various areas. My favorite is training people in “Breakthrough Technology” which has been developed over my career and is very unique – life changing, business changing. Currently I am directing engineering activities for a very special and high technology Humanitarian Project that will provide very special, often life-saving assistance to disaster victims throughout the world. My interest in the next generation of energy related products seriously began about 10 years ago. Since then I have studied and collaborated with dozens of the best people in this field. There are some great products and indeed they will change the world. The long term issues with cost, manufacture and infrastructure for these new technologies are gradually being resolved. I will be adding information regarding these technologies on a regular basis. The “air car” discussed at this site is interesting but in its current state of development will never be one of the seriously dominating energy technologies.
I live in Minnesota with my wife and have three children and two step children. I have written several books and plan to do quite a few more. I am driven to help people to make the most of their life’s through knowledge of their purpose and then to act accordingly.
I enjoy all this but most importantly love family, then a variety of pleasures like travel, golf, and photography. At this writing this is my sixth of eight websites so I must enjoy building websites also. Although, what I really enjoy is providing valuable content for readers, things that can help and I feel fortunate to have that ability.

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  1. Hallo Alan, this did not work. I try again. I also have written several books and plan to do quite a few more. But, you are young and I will be 88 this year.
    Isn’t it great that can do things like that. I go on studying your home page.

  2. Best wishes to Rickie. Luise

  3. alanpg says:


    thanks for the note – it is great and nice to know someone is older than I am – the computer makes a big difference – I wish more elderly knew how to use it – I will try to encourage that

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