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About the next generation of passenger cars – Video

The car featured here is what many think is the next generation of passenger cars. The announcer mentions, “remember you saw it here first.” Well, not actually the “hydrogen fuel cell car” has been under development for over 45 years. The fuel cell itself being around since the early 1800′s. The featured car does have some nice associated amenities like the ease of changing body style, the ability to steer from the left or right side of the passenger compartment, no mechanical drive train and no battery among others. But it is all about the powerplant – Hydrogen Fuel Cell. That makes most everything else very feasible. Now the announcer indicated ten maybe twenty years before the car is in your garage. However, the 10-20 years has been the claim for at least the last 20 years. There have been extensive plans around the world that indicate this technology will replace the internal combustion engine. These typically follow the 10-20 year expectation.
The problems remain the same (cost, infrastructure, and technology) although there has been great progress and the latest round of 10-20 years is now more realistic. I have been a supporter and speaking advocate for hydrogen fuel cells for about 10 years. It is the best answer but the version proposed by General Motors is very likely not the best means of achieving the hydrogen car dream. In additional to a better fundamental solution there may be an associated use of very high tech batteries (much, much reduced number and weight) and perhaps ultra capacitors as used by Honda in one of their hydrogen fuel cell cars.
Anyway, ………. it is great progress, good job to those involved!
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