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As part of my commitment to HELP, I have created a number of great links. All the material, all my Websites are related to the subject of improving YOUR life and sometimes just enjoying, gasping the wonder of it all.

The Beauty of Pollination

The design of all we see is no accident, because it is design!

SURPRISE – Tough to top this one

Below is the “Great Expressions Video” for your enjoyment – great quotes. You can click the PDF link below the video for a more leisurely stroll through the quotes.

Video of Great Expressions

PDF Version Of Great Expressions Video

Click Below to get open the PDF version.

PDF link

Breakthroughs In Life

There is no more important breakthrough in your life than to discover you can know the truth if you want to and succeed beyond your wildest imagination. It will take some courage, some humility and a dep love of the truth. If you are interested in determining life’s true purpose you will find help at my site called,

Heaven Coach

Truly An Astonishing
Large But Small Accomplishment

Amazing Site!!!

Find Your Current or Old Home
Street view, satellite view, others


Deep Astronomy

It is a big place, the place tells us something very important. Yet one person sees what he or she wants to see and the another person just sees what is really there.

One of My Favorite Videos
Saw this several years ago and it is
“Just Great Stuff” – hope you agree

The Deepest Understanding in American Politics is Nothing New

Watch this short Video

Watch The Growth
of the International Space Station
and Read About Each Addition in This Video

International space station

Click Below

International Space Station Growth


The Arctic Light from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

MY Run

My friend, Terry Hitchcock – Quite A Story
Hope you enjoy ………….. also read about Terry’s Book

Like Elvis – You will like this one

Grinding Down America

Although, I do not think this video describes a path leading to communism, but it is a wake-up call for America in terms of a step towards Socialism and really Atheism. Actually, the combination of those two things could be considered as close to being communistic. America has such potential to be even better but as the foundation of America is eroded (or ground down) by selfishness, godlessness, and greed the end result will be a place you may not want to live. It does not have to happen but as pointed out America is on a risky path and needs to wake-up! Many people are supporting America’s destruction without knowing they are doing so. The disguise of the protagonist is liberalism and it is disguised in enabling, casual, deceitful philosophies.

Another Elvis Video with a Story Line

Elvis ends up being much less than he could have been and had a poor ending. Nothing can be more correct than to say he made bad choices. People like to think of this great singer as the king of Rock and Roll and even think of him as still alive. Nonetheless on the positive side, he could inspire people with his voice and that was a very good thing!

Well, this is hard to believe ………. a 3D Printer

Great Dogs Having “Fun”

More Car-Stuff ………. More Than Factory of the Future

Yes, Man Can Fly With A Little Help


This is quite a ride, makes you feel you are on-board. The thing that makes this special is that the rider does not use the brake and that definitely appears unwise albeit thrilling.

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